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Lens Anatomy

Dark Gray Polarized:

Absolute maximum glare reduction. Excellent performance in bright/sunny conditions. Lowest light transmission. Does not distort color. Superior vision performance in all light conditions. 

Red Mirrored Polarized:

Excellent performance in constant sun/very bright conditions. Ideal mirrored finish for any outdoor activity on very sunny days. Reduces glare and improves contrast.

Blue Mirrored Polarized:

Vastly diminishes glare. Ideal in any weather condition, including overcast skies, sunny conditions, cloudy conditions, etc. Absorbs reflections across mirror surface. 

Green Mirrored Polarized:

Amplifies color contrast & delivers high visual definition. Distinct color and crisp clarity in all light conditions. Absorbs reflections across mirror surface.

Gold Mirrored Polarized:

Ideal in sunny conditions for fishing, hunting, shooting, etc. Extreme crisp clarity. Does not distort colors.  Absorbs reflections across mirror surface. 


Eye strain-reducing. Perfect for staring at computers, televisions, phones, etc. for extended periods of time. No polarization. No mirror finish.